Helping Veterans Transition Back Into Civilian Life.

Creating Fulfilling Careers for Sustainability by Providing High-quality and Successful Trainings

About Production Avenue South

PRODUCTION AVENUE SOUTH uses unique and specialized trainings for specific careers to help veterans transition from the duties of military life to fulfilling careers in civilian life. There is something to be said about the feeling of accomplishment derived from menial tasks or jobs. They allow us the luxuries of studying the process of what we are doing and thinking of ways we could better perfect our craft while planning for the next chapter of life.

We either become masters of our craft or make decisions that allow us opportunities in other areas of interests. Doing this will ultimately continue the character building as well as provide professional and personal growth. This is important as we want to always ensure that we do not become stagnant nor complacent within our careers. It’s truly amazing what we can accomplish when aspirations meet determination along with the right and/or specific trainings.

Mission Statement

The goal of Production Avenue South, LLC (P.A.S.) is to create high-impact solutions for Veterans and help them build sustainable, performance-oriented cultures using various avenues of trainings. We work to bridge the gap between our US Veterans, as well as their families and the need to support the ongoing and ever-changing new business initiatives. We partner with organizations, companies and individuals to address their unique needs, providing training and coaching that helps working professionals achieve their career goals.

Who We Are

Production Avenue South is a company that was created to bridge the gap between our US Veterans and the need to support the ongoing and ever-changing new business initiatives. We provide hands on training, as well as online training in disciplines such as leadership, management, project management, and human resources among others, where skills, technologies and best practices are changing rapidly and demand for qualified candidates significantly exceeds supply.

Based in Atlanta, GA, we have helped thousands of professionals and companies across several countries get trained, acquire certifications and upskill their employees.

Our training courses are designed and updated by renowned industry experts. Our unique learning approach combines instructor-led online classes, instructor-led live classrooms, project work, and 24/7 teaching assistance. Our vibrant community of experts and certified professionals is a powerful resource used by many and offers a pool of tips and insightful advice. We, at Production Avenue South, take pride in helping our students and future students to learn the essential management, leadership, and personal effectiveness skills that you need to build a happy and successful career.

Our wide range of high-quality and practical resources can help you to become an effective and inspirational manager and leader – whether you’re new to the job or have years of experience.