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Veterans often have the same training and skills as their civilian counterparts but they lack the professional certifications expected by civilian employers. PRODUCTION AVENUE SOUTH offers Veterans the chance to identify and fills in any gaps in training required for employment in civilian positions. We help Veterans that are under-represented in the job markets and individuals who are lacking in opportunity to prepare for, secure and be successful in fulfilling careers.

PAS Training Programs

Production Avenue South Partners With Crestcom International And Compass Leadership Training To Aid Military Veterans Transitioning Into The Private Corporate World
Production Avenue South provides high-impact solutions for Veterans and their families helping them build sustainable, performance-oriented cultures using various avenues of training. Crestcom International is a trusted training partner for firms ranging from small and medium-sized businesses to Fortune 500 enterprises. Compass Leadership Training, a licensee of Crestcom International, creates better leaders through the delivery of training, coaching and consulting to develop and enhance skills leaders need to move their people and organizations forward. Through this partnership Production Avenue South, Crestcom International and Compass Leadership Training will make available and deliver a unique, interactive Management and Leadership Development Program for Military Veterans transitioning from military occupation to corporate/entrepreneurial occupations utilizing Crestcom’s Bullet Proof® Manager program.

Leveraging Crestcom’s Bullet Proof® Manager program and incorporating virtual and in-person delivery methodologies transitioning Military Veterans will learn, unlearn and relearn skills and abilities to successfully operate, manage and lead in corporate/entrepreneurial environments. Successfully changing participant’s behaviors and lexicon from military to corporate in an effort to make them more attractive to non-military occupations and more successful in their civilian careers.

Service members, in uniform, are trained in all aspects of their military objectives from mission-critical to ordinary daily routine tasks. This training gives them confidence to address the objectives and tasks assigned to them in support of their missions and each other. Even with this confidence, many Veterans transitioning to civilian life feel unprepared to fit in and be successful in the private corporate world where the environment is different.

“Through this partnership, we’re providing transitioning veterans and their families the skills and abilities they’ll need to successfully change their behaviors, integrate into corporate/entrepreneurial settings and ultimately have more successful and meaningful careers outside the military,” said William Teddleton, Partner at Production Avenue South. “Crestcom’s unique, live-facilitated, interactive program has a 30+ year proven track record in developing the skills and abilities private corporations want and need their managers and leaders to master.”

“This initiative fits with one of our core values of creating a better world by developing stronger, more ethical leaders,” said Tammy Berberick, CEO of Crestcom International. “Helping military veterans prepare for a successful corporate career and life after the military is win-win-win for all involved. The participant wins from learning and developing skills needed to be successful in a corporate environment. The Corporations win when they hire these candidates with military experience and the skills and behaviors needed to integrate that knowledge and experience into their cultures. And the military wins through more veterans having the ability to move beyond military life and be more attractive to corporations, ultimately being more successful in their civilian careers.”

About Crestcom International

Crestcom International is a trusted training partner for firms ranging from small and medium-sized businesses to Fortune 500 enterprises. Over the last 30+ years we’ve worked with more than 1 million executives in 60 countries, helping them develop new leadership skills, make more thoughtful decisions and hone their managerial acumen. Our leadership programs are both accredited and award-winning. Crestcom International is headquartered in Greenwood Village, CO.

About Compass Leadership Training

Compass Leadership Training creates better leaders by delivering the training, coaching and consulting leaders need to move their people and organizations forward through commitment rather than compliance. Compass Leadership Training is headquartered in Johns Creek, GA.